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Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

We understand the challenges associated with life transitions and realize that financial planning is a part of a much larger journey. The goal at Mitchell Hayes is to give you the financial analysis, planning support and expertise you need, so you can focus your time and effort on building a solid future.

Following are a number of resources we share with clients as they plan the next step in their journey.


Wendy Hayes is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA™) who strives to ensure her clients receive a fair financial settlement. If you’re facing the challenges of divorce, the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts (IDFA™), which certifies CDFA professionals, offers a tremendous amount of information on why you should consider working with a CDFA.

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CRITICAL: Your life is changed forever. You have no plan and no idea how a divorce works. No one is going to do this for you. Your fate for your life will be slammed by the gavel.

DIVORCE: The termination of the legal duties and responsibilities of marriage.

CARE: Personal, one on one consultations with mentors who are committed to serve as your trusted Divorce Care Professionals.


ProWIN is a nationally recognized membership organization that provides resources for professional women and is valued above all for its commitment to their professional, personal, and economic empowerment.


Intralinks VIA® enables financial consultancy Mitchell Hayes to save time and keep clients’ sensitive information secure during major life transitions.


Next Avenue is the nation’s first and only public media website that published stories, information and advice for America’s booming older generation. Produced for the PBS system by Twin Cities PBS. You’ll find stories, advice, perspectives, videos, tools and resources from our trusted family of journalists, government experts, and nonprofits.


Consumer Financial Protection Bureau provides a calculator and tools showing how your retirement age impacts your benefits.  Learn tips specific to your situation and your recommended next steps.


Chicks, Chat and Change focuses on women and the challenges they face in today’s financial world. Whether we are a mom or not, professional executive or staff, high school graduate or PhD, single or married, age 25 or 65 or have $10,000 in savings or $10 million — we as women need to keep learning as much as possible about how we view and handle money.

Our Founder

Wendy Hayes is a highly creative, accomplished accounting and finance professional who has leveraged her own experiences with life transitions to launch Mitchell Hayes. Learn more about what drives Wendy.

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