Creative Settlement Solutions

Certified Divorce Financial Analysts

Mitchell Hayes is here to provide you with financial clarity.

•  We will organize and analyze your finances and develop creative settlement solutions tailored to your unique situation.
•  Mitchell Hayes will provide you with logical reports empowering you to make informed financial decisions and support you through the legal process.
•  Your settlement will become the foundation for your financial future. We will ensure that you have the professional resources to make that plan work for you.


The Mitchell Hayes Approach will tailor a settlement solution for your unique situation.


Mitchell Hayes is committed to protecting your financial identity.


Over 20 years of accounting experience coupled with Divorce Financial Analyst Certification.

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We use our own patented system called CCC, short for Clients, Culture and Company. Our specialists are able to "infiltrate" all company sections and analyze for areas where improvement is needed. No matter what problem we discover, we have a solution and our specialists are ready for the job.

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