Why Include A CDFA™?

Wendy’s decision to become a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA™) is based on her own experience dealing with life transitions, which you can read more about here.

People always ask “Why should I include a CDFA in my dicorce process?” The answer is simple:

When dealing with divorce, Wendy’s number one goal is to ensure her clients receive fair financial settlements. 

The legal elements of your divorce are your attorney’s/lawyer’s responsibility. The financial aspects of your divorce are your responsibility. When you engage Mitchell Hayes as your Divorce Financial Planner, it is our responsibility to provide you and your attorney with comprehensive financial information that will provide financial tools to you that will facilitate your attorney to negotiate the best possible settlement for you.

Divorce forces you to make many decisions at a time when you may be struggling the most. Financial mistakes made during this critical time may impact you and your children for years to come. Combining our financial expertise with your attorney’s legal expertise provides you with a complete team to ensure the best results for you.

We help our clients create comprehensive and realistic monthly budgets for their attorney’s to use on their behalf. In addition to your monthly expenditures, Mitchell Hayes will analyze:

• Your assets and associated debts
• Retirement and or pension plans
• Marital home and other real estate
• Spousal support options
• Child support
• Social Security
• Insurance
• Separate and marital property

Utilizing our findings, Mitchell Hayes will prepare comprehensive scenarios for your settlement that will provide you and your attorney with the tools to win the most equitable settlement possible.

Let us help you secure your financial future.

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