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How I Became A Parent To My Parent

By Wendy Hayes

I never thought that I would become my mother’s parent. The story began when my parents married in the 1950’s. For the time period, our family life was typical of middle class America. Dad worked and Mom took care of the four children and the home. Dad was the picture of health until he fell victim…

Family Mediation Versus Litigation

By Team Mitchell Hayes

Sally Clark has written a wonderful article explaining mediation versus litigation.  Sally Clark is a trained direct child consultant qualified to speak to children where appropriate as part of the mediation process. Open a newspaper in early January and there are lots of articles about how this month is a divorce lawyer’s mecca. The media predictably…

Getting Divorced After Fifty

By Team Mitchell Hayes

Utilizing a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) can keep the costs of your divorce lower by helping you arrive at an equitable financial agreement. The CDFA can also help you to budget for 20 years out so that you will understand the impact of the settlement. Jane Bryant Quinn writes that: Families and friends are…