Safeguard Your Financial Identity


You should never send sensitive financial data through email. You should also be very careful about free cloud based products due to security issues.

An advantage to using Mitchell Hayes is that we are committed to securing your financial identity and have partnered with Intralinks Via to ensure your sensitive information is protected. Intralinks Via allows you to upload all of your financial data to your secure site so that Mitchell Hayes can organize and analyze your data. We in turn can upload reports for you to use and collaborate with your legal team.

More about Intralinks Via

As legal and professional services become more operationally connected with clients, process outsourcers and contractor teams, they inescapably find themselves adopting cloud-based technologies to manage a portion of their communications and collaboration efforts.

While these initiatives produce transformative benefits, they also involve the exchange of highly regulated digital information that needs to be kept secure. That’s where we come in.

Intralinks is the leading content collaboration platform for the legal and professional services industry. Intralinks Via’s security and governance capabilities, which include ISO 27001 certification, protect high-value information for the most-regulated industries.

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