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In sharing her family estate planning nightmare, Michelle points out that her mother thought she had taken the necessary steps to ensure her desires would be carried out, but was unable to predict her surviving spouse’s actions. In her own experience as well as when working with clients, Michelle says that in the majority of cases, it’s inevitable that a surviving spouse who controls the estate will prioritize their own children over those of their deceased spouse. She then goes on to explain how this can be avoided, including how to:
  • Make decisions about your estate and ensure that your wishes are followed
  • Address the tough scenarios such as biological children vs. stepchildren, surviving spouses who remarry quickly, and choosing a trustee.
  • Be proactive and find counsel who has the savvy experience to address your specific situation
Our two experts also address the importance of communication and tackling difficult conversations early in a relationship including getting into the minutia of assets as well as pre-nups and post-nups. As Wendy says, “Each family is unique due to its varying personalities. You have to find ways to work — both creatively and systematically — toward the solution that’s best for your family.”
Whether you have a blended family yourself or are the product of one, tune in to learn more about the challenges these situations present, as well as how to create arrangements that are intentional, thoughtful, and respect your wishes.

With responsibility for taking care of aging parents while also raising a family, Generation X is feeling the squeeze of being a “sandwich generation.” This can be especially stressful when two thirds of Generation X say they haven’t fully recovered from the Great Recession, yet an increasing number are providing financial support for both their children and their parents. And even if elderly parents don’t require financial help, most will need assistance with managing assets, estate planning, and living arrangements. In the latest episode of the IRC WealthCast, the first in a two-part series, I joined Joe Schum and Michelle Thompson, a financial planner and attorney. We shared our personal stories of dealing with aging parents, dementia, forgotten assets, powers of attorney, and blended families, all while juggling our own demanding careers and immediate family obligations.

Divorce is sad. It does not have to be contentious. Learn why having the right team can help you have a more respectful, amicable process and a better financial outcome.

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