What If You Don’t Want A Divorce?

I have yet to meet a couple that got married thinking that they would end up divorced, but unfortunately it happens.  Sometimes couples come to the decision together and other times one party wants the divorce and the other does not.  The hard reality is that regardless of what you want if your spouse wants the divorce it will happen.  

Sometimes divorce results in a complete lifestyle change.  How do you let go of your past life and embrace an unknown future especially when you did not choose it?  There is no easy answer, it is difficult.  Everyone’s journey is unique.  I know from my own experience and many other friends and clients that it takes a tremendous amount of strength.  Having the support of family and friends is very helpful.  Therapy can be invaluable.  

I am one that works with facts and figures.  Once I know the facts, it helps me to formulate a path forward.  Many of my clients start the process uncertain of their current situation and fearful of their futures.  We provide them with financial clarity and suggestions to help them move forward.

Mitchell Hayes can help you with the financial facts and help you to devise a plan to move forward.  We will provide you with:

  • A marital balance sheet and proposed ways to divide assets and debts
  • Child support calculations
  • Suggested alimony calculations
  • Budgets for the future based on income, support, and expenses
  • Guidance for retirement assets and social security

If you are going through a divorce, Mitchell Hayes would be honored to guide you through the financial aspects.  Give us a call at 470-725-0455 or email us at Begin@mitchellhayes.net.